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Why choose a network connectivity?

To use your printer on a network, it is best to use either an Ethernet (RJ45) cable or Wi-Fi. Connecting your printer to a network will allow more than one user to use it.

Do you really need Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi allows you to connect a printer to a network without using a cable. Wi-Fi is preferable if you want to connect your printer to your network and it is too far from your router and an Ethernet cable is either not available or impractical. As with a cabled network using a Wi-Fi connection will enable several users to access the printer.

Users often want Wi-Fi on their printing devices to be able to print a document from their smartphone or tablet but Wi-Fi is not necessarily needed for this.

To print from a smartphone the printer needs to be connected to the network (via the cabled network) and you then just need to connect your smartphone to the network before using the desired printing device.

Simple connection: USB

You can connect your printer directly to your computer via USB. This is only practical if you are the only person using the printer, as other users will not be able to connect to it for printing. If you use a laptop and you want to print something, you will have to connect the cable directly to the printer (unless you have a wireless printer and your laptop has Wi-Fi as explained earlier).


AirPrint is Apple printing technology that allows you to print from an iOS smartphone or tablet using AirPrint-compatibleequipment without having to download any pilots or specific software.

If you have any questions concerning the connectivity of your printer or scanner, please feel free to contact our experts. We are here to make your printing easy!

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