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Creating a shortcut

When you receive your multifunction printer, you first need to establish which features you will be using the most frequently. Once you have done this, you can create shortcuts that will give you one-touch access to frequently-used settings. For example, if you scan double-sided documents in black and white on a daily basis, you can create a one-touch button to complete this task. This shortcut will save you time when scanning, it will also avoid making mistakes that can not only waste time, but also paper and ink/ toner cartridges.

The user manual of your multifunction printer will explain how to create these shortcuts.

Scanning large quantities of documents:

Double-sided feeders

If you need to scan a large number of pages or double-sided documents, choosing a double-sided document feeder for scanning will save you time. This charger enables both sides of your document to be scanned at the same time, completing the task much faster than with an ordinary document feeder.

Scanning to the same recipient

When scanning a document, most people send it to their mailbox. To save time, save your email address or recipient addresses in your contacts list to avoid re-entering the email address and making mistakes.

To save even more time, you can use your multifunction printer to send your documents directly by email. Just like an email sent from your computer, you can enter an email subject and body to be sent with your attachment. Better still, you can rename your document from the touch screen on your multifunction printer. This will really save you time and again you can create a shortcut to access all the different features you need.

Scanning your documents one by one

Do you often have a pile of separate documents that need scanning? To create one file per document, most people will scan each document individually, which is very time-consuming. Some multifunction printers allow you to scan all the documents at the same time and separate the files one by one. For example, if you have a pile of ten separate documents, you can put all of them into the feeder and the multifunction printer will create ten different files. This will save you time since, although you scan all documents in one go, a single digital file will be created for each one.

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